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Evgeny Nikolaevich Sumin (Wallace Breen)
Born on November 14, 1941.
In 1997 he was awarded the title "Honored Artists of Russian Federation".
Graduated from GITIS (1973), pedagogue - Goncharov A.A.
Has additional education - Studio at the Kuibyshev Dramatic Theater.
Worked in the Kemerovo Regional Drama Theater.
Works in the Kaluga State Drama Theater.

Has played many diverse roles in the theater:
Philippe II - "Don Carlos" F. Schiller,
Bolshov - "It's a Family Affair - We'll Settle It Ourselves" A. Ostrovsky,
Zamukhryshkin - "Gamblers" N. Gogol,
Korovkin - "The Village of Stepanchikovo" F. Dostoyevsky,
Ford - "The Merry Wives of Windsor" W. Shakespeare,
Hlynov - "An Ardent Heart" A. Ostrovsky,
Gennaro - "The Millions of Naples" E. De Filippo,
Clive - "The Circle" w. Somerset Maugham,
General - "The Stepmother" H. de Balzac,
Amilkar - "Monsieur Amilkar" Yves Jamiaque and many others...
...and movies:
1999 - "I vsjudu strasti rokovye..." (photoplay)
1987 - "Filyor" - chief of hospital (with O.I.Yankovsky)
1984 - "Poteryalsya slon" - poacher and many others...


Half-Life Wikia: Dr. Wallace Breen

Dr. Wallace Breen - is the former head of Black Mesa, and later Earth's Administrator under the Combine. 
Doctor Breen was Administrator of the Black Mesa Research Facility at the time of the Black Mesa Incident in 200-. During the events depicted in Half-Life, he is neither seen nor directly mentioned by name, instead always referred to as "the Administrator". At the end of the Seven Hour War, he "negotiates" a peace agreement with the Combine that saves humanity, but at the cost of enslavement. Breen is first appointed "Interim Administrator" (as seen on newspaper clips in Black Mesa East), then simply becomes ruler of Earth - mostly a puppet of the Combine who have little physical presence on the planet. Some speculate he may have orchestrated the events of Half-Life at the request of the Combine, with the rule of Earth promised as reward (this however would also suggest that he or the Combine had control of the G-Man at least up to the point where he handed over Xen crystal sample GG-3883 to the Black Mesa scientists which caused the Resonance Cascade); others believe that he may have been under the impression that introducing the Combine would have brought about a cosmic unity between the two races, and would have been ultimately beneficial for the human race (something that he still clings on to despite the evidently large amounts of humans suffering at the time of the Uprising). Whether or not he is the one who introduced the Combine to Earth, his intentions seem to be noble and he sounds quite sure that he is doing the right thing - though it is possible that he is simply a very convincing liar. Even if he had selfish reasons for doing so, the human race would have most definitely been completely destroyed or assimilated by the Combine had he not surrendered Earth at the end of the Seven Hour War.
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