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Roman Igorevich Samtsov
Born in 1977 in Kaluga.
Graduated from Kaluga College of Culture. Since the beginning of the 2000 works in the media. More than 10 years played in several groups on percussion instruments and organized two projects: "Slang" и "Sutter Cane". Besides music, he wrote 4 novels, 2 of which laid down in a scenario basis for the thriller which he dreams to film sometime. Is fond of painting, esoterica and history.


 As long as I remember myself, I always tried to find confederates for realization joint creative projects. And it is good that such people were. Whether it's rock 'n' roll past or today's cinema. Sit without interesting ideas in head and didn't try to implement them - fills life with boredom. Being in stagnation - it's mpossible to develop yourself. Neither as artist, nor as person .

Background: Dragunov

Russian regular officer. He spend many operations in combat zone on territory USSR and as a part of diversionary divisions in the territory of other countries. From 2005 to 2009 information about his location is classified. In March 2010 immigrated to Austria, bought a house, was engaged in hunting and taxidermy. During Seven Hours War he was captured by the division of the Alliance, but under unknown circumstances escaped from the factory, whereupon get in battle zone, was wounded and rescued by commander of the destroyed rebel squad A. Kramer.
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