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Combine - officer of Civil Protection. This character was played by six people - Roman Samtsov, Nikita Stanovov, Nikita Shelengovsky, Vyacheslav Minko, Ilya Khromov and Sergey Shitikov. All from above-mentioned people not only ran, jumped and choked in a mask, but also performed tricks. Separately is worth a mention the work of our doubles, real stuntmen's, Ilya Khromov and Sergey Shitikov. They received especially many bruises and even to shed blood on the film set. Considering brutality of an image of the Combine, on performance this role were selected visible and strong men. Now a little about the costume. It is made entirely with own hands, everything was sewed at home on the sewing machine, up to a bulletproof vest and armbands with distinctive emblems.

With the mask - is another story. At first we decided to make it independently - pulled out model from game, transferred scanning on the paper, stuck together, smear with epoxy. To smooth things over and remove texture of paper, covered it with automobile coating. It turned out not bad, but this prototype didn't reach a painting stage - it became so heavy that it was difficult to wear on the head, not to mention about any movements in it and performance of tricks.

After that we found property man from the Theater of the Young Viewer and she made for us mask from papier-mache, which you see in a film. New mask was good, but was almost hermetically sealed, so we can wear it no more than a minute. Afterwards was made air conduit in it from thin tubes and stay time in a mask slightly increased. Anyway, during the filming there was one mask and, like a actors, it was exposed to hits of varying degree of force, so mask was covered with scratches and dents, and simply fall apart. On shootings "Day Two" we plan to order some new masks and costumes. This mask with baton and famous can ("...put it in the trash can!") became for us artifact
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