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Stanislav Valeryevich Elensky
The most part of me was formed between 1990-2010 years. During this period learned to rhyme reality with breaks on training, work and a lunch. When this was not enough, built my own reality in theatrical performances and drunk conversations in kitchen. Sometimes in these conversations interfered blues. Followed: Robert Johnson, Tom Waits, John Lee Hooker... Their voices are collected in small collection adjoining with tomes Joseph Brodsky. For the rest, life flows evenly on long ago set trajectory: family, work, rest...

The most mass role in the film, even Combines played less people. Actors were selected by the principle of external similarity to characters in game and on ability to play, on the one hand, a hopelessness, depression and lack of will, and, on the other hand, belief in sense of resistance to in fact ideal system of suppression. The basis of the costumes were used army shirts and robes Bundeswehr, because they were available and well suited in appearance.




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